Author:   Time:2017/4/8 9:28:34

1: use different, mixer and juicer function single professional, can arrange machine is more.

2: arrange play soya-bean milk machine set, powder grinding, the juice, play ground, shaved ice and other functions in one, for the production of fruit juice, soy milk, jam, dry powder, shaved ice, meat, etc all can easily cope with. The kitchen small things it can arrange, girl of freshly squeezed juice, the home of Chinese prickly ash, aniseed, stir meat and so on, is very convenient.

3: food processor usage

A. hold the container and to break down to the right

B. the ingredients in a container

C. according to the material installation cross or a glyph blade

D. the rotation knife parts completely installed on the container

E. use hard material or too little water when grinding, can cause idling phenomenon, hold the ends of the host, gently shake up and down, can shorten the processing time

F. knife attached to the container after the assembly to the host, pressing down on them and to rotate

G. crushing work finished, let the entrance of the container up, and rotating blade parts can complete separation