torch Lake Glass

Found in hundreds of custom homes across the usa
Handmade glass knobs, handles & drawer pulls are created in 4 styles & lots of fun colors. Fused glass accent tiles for kitchen backsplash & shower walls. Glass on glass mosaic window panels. One-of-a-kind fused glass home decor bowls, plates & dishes.

  HGTV says you can add "real pizzaz"​​ to your kitchen by replacing boring cabinet knobs, handles & drawer pulls with specialty art glass hardware from Torch Lake Glass.  

 "Glue is the weak point in most handmade glass knobs & sooner or later, it will fail.  I stand by my unique process for fusing stainless steel inserts inside molten glass & guarantee my glass hardware against manufacturing defects or it will be replaced  free on authorized return of the original"

Choosing Cabinet Hardware 

  • Home decor is all about self expression. When choosing hardware knobs, handles & drawer pulls for your kitchen or bathroom, first consider your personal taste.  What do you like?
  • Cabinet hardware choices are infinite.  You can choose from metal, glass, stone or found items like faucet handles or nautical cleats to add custom personal touches. Again, what do you like?
  • Imagine the "big picture".  Are you using colorful knobs, drawer pulls & handles to create a personal  customized style or are they purely functional?
  • Make sure that your cabinets will open & close properly when the hardware is installed. 
  • Lastly, purchase a sample and install it before you make the final decision.  Never trust your monitor to tell you the whole truth!

Are glass Knobs & Pulls durable? 

  • That depends ... Glue is a weak point in most handmade glass hardware.  Sooner or later, glue will fail. 
  • Torch Lake Glass hardware is created with stainless steel inserts permanently fused inside of colorful art glass.  There is no glue to fail.
  • The photo below shows a solid glass handle that I installed on my mailbox in October, 2014.  It continues to endure harsh Northern Michigan weather & the daily abuse of my rural mail carrier.